Whether you are prepping your home for sale or not, spring is the perfect time to give your home a makeover. When the weather begins to warm and you are ready to pull out the ladder and get started sprucing up, don’t make these three mistakes that many homeowners make when preparing their home for spring.
1. Skipped or Insufficient Outdoor Spring Prep
Over the winter, your home can suffer a lot of minor damages that add up to major problems. When you start prepping your home for spring, begin outside. Inspect your home exteriors. That includes checking trees for potential rot.
Next, get on the roof and check your shingles. Clean your gutters, which are likely piled high with leaves and debris. If you have to make repairs to your roof, wait until after the gutters are clean to power wash your siding, driveway and walkways.
If you have a pool, begin pool maintenance by checking your filtration systems. Inspect your pool’s foundation for cracks and get those repaired before you even think about opening it. Walk around to your AC unit if it is outdoors and have it inspected if needed.

2. Poorly Thought-Out Landscaping Plans
In a nutshell, your landscaping is your curb appeal. Even if you are only sprucing up for your own enjoyment, your landscaping design should be well thought out. Otherwise, your lawn looks shabby.
A word of advice to improve your landscaping is to think function first and then form your landscaping from that vantage point. In what way do you want your backyard to function? As a place for guests? A playground for your pets? A garden oasis? Whatever your intention, make sure your backyard has structure and flow. For example, don't plant random trees here and there or one in a sea of flowers. Organize your trees around shrubbery and walkways so that they accentuate your landscaping, not detract from it. Also, avoid planting trees on a hill and keep your lawn maintained. 


3. Missed Opportunities to Make Big Changes
Finally, spring prep is the perfect time to make some big changes that will cause dramatic improvements to your lawn and garden. Think of adding a fountain, repaving your driveway, adding a lit walking path, adding pavers, installing a new deck or patio or a stone retaining wall.
 Create outdoor living spaces or install a fire pit. 


There are plenty of opportunities to make big changes this spring. If you're interested in even more ways to improve your spring cleaning routines, reach out to me today for more advice.