Not only is it a hassle to redecorate your home, but it’s also downright expensive. That’s why you should keep your eye out for pieces that are timeless while decorating your home. It may be hard to discern what is trendy and what design elements will stick, so here is a list of timeless interior design concepts you can count on to never go out of style.


1. Damask


Damask was originally a type of fabric with a particular pattern made by weaving. This pattern can be found in much more than fabric nowadays, such as wallpaper, upholstery, sheets and more. This pattern has been around since the Early Middle Ages and isn’t going anywhere. Furniture or textiles that feature damask will always be a timeless addition to your home.  


2. Gilded Mirrors


There are all types of modern twists to gilded mirrors — it’s not only reserved to the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. Gilded mirrors can be made of various metals and feature all types of designs. You can go really classic with a vintage Italian Florentine gilt mirror, or you can choose something more modern with a simple silver frame. 


3. Farmhouse Sink 


Although farmhouse sinks are trendy right now, they’ve also been around forever and are very functional, making them an interior design staple. They feature an apron, which is the portion of the sink that extends over the counter, and deep basins, and they come in sturdy materials like porcelain, fireclay and cast iron. 


4. Upholstered Armchair 


Adding an upholstered armchair will always be a good design move. Plus, you can choose from tons of different styles depending on your preference. You could go super traditional with a Bergère armchair, which has classic French features, or you could choose a modern twist on a wingback chair or slipper chair.


5. Persian Rugs 


Persian rugs come from an Iranian tradition of rug-making that features designs symbolic to their culture. Many rugs depict nomadic scenes, village life and royalty. This style has been emulated all over the world and you can almost always find a version that fits your personal style. If you’re in the market for a new rug, you can’t go wrong with a classic Persian rug.  


6. Clawfoot Tub 


Clawfoot tubs are highly sought-after these days, and for a good reason: They are a staple of elegance and style. You won’t find too many modern options, but that’s simply because those who seek a clawfoot tub are after a certain traditional style. They were considered a luxury item in the late 19th century, so if the Victorian era is your thing, a clawfoot tub will make a wonderful addition to your home. 


What do you think- do these six trends stand the test of time? Are you looking for tips on how to style your home. Contact us today!