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April 27, 2024

Market Update Week of 04/27/2024


Have you noticed that your insurance premiums are shockingly high for your home, rent, and/or car? I became quite aware after receiving renewal pricing for some of our investment properties in North Carolina. A few renewals nearly doubled from what they were last year. That's not helpful ...

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April 8, 2024

Market Update Week of 04/08/2024

This week was filled with emotion for me and my clients. There are highs and there are lows happening all the time in the real estate world, and everyone in the game is on this roller coaster.


Happiness comes with "victory," which is reserved right now for sellers who ...

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Feb. 9, 2024

Market Update Week of 02/09/2024

This week, I thought it would be interesting to outline some of the tax benefits that come with owning real estate. Investing in real estate, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to build wealth. Not only are you saving on taxes, but you are also generating income ...

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Feb. 24, 2023

Market Update: Week of 2/20/2023

Let's have some fun this week and talk about design!


If you are moving into a new home or staying put and dreaming of updating a room or two, now is a good time to start planning. Spring is within reach and it's a season of renewal ...

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May 20, 2021

Market Update - Week of 5/17/21

What a busy week it’s been. I rushed to put new properties on the market with the help of our sellers. For Realtors, listings are of course critical to feed buyers’ hungry appetites for a new home. These days, hearing about a new listing takes me back to my television ...
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May 13, 2021

Market Update - Week of 5/10/21

A frantic call came in from my colleague earlier this week, and she said "the market is slowing down; instead of 16 offers sellers are looking at only 4!" The statement almost made me laugh. Even after all this time, the real estate market still seems like an alternate universe ...
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April 2, 2021

Market Update - Week of 3/29/21

This week, I received my first covid vaccine! The morning I received it, all my appointments were on hold for that hour (which for this worker bee is no small feat). Who ever thought a dose of a vaccine could bring so much happiness and peace of mind? After a ...
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March 27, 2021

Market Update - Week of 3/22/21

I think the general perception is that this market must be great for Realtors, but let me tell you--it's not. A trusted friend compared this market to musical chairs. There are 3 chairs and 37 buyers. Not only that, the chairs are on fire, the floor is on fire ...
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March 18, 2021

Market Update - Week of 3/15/21

There are so many nuances to this market, which is constantly changing and evolving. Instead of this hurricane losing steam however, it seems to be gaining strength. Even outside forces, such as a slight uptick in interest rates, aren’t strong enough to weaken the housing market.
In a very ...
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March 10, 2021

Market Update - Week of 3/8/21

This market can be compared to a waiting game. Buyers and their agents are all patiently on stand by, hoping a new listing comes on the market. This scenario may sound familiar to you. Eyes are glued to computer screens, hoping that when you hit refresh, a new house ...
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