December is right around the corner and that means it is time to break out the festive décor. Bring on all the greens, glitter, bows and lights. We just love this time of year! We have put together some ideas for fun and festive décor that are sure to "WOW" your guests all December long!


Start outside


A wreath on the front door is classic and timeless. A pine or boxwood wreath is always beautiful—or dare to be different. Opting for a wreath of fake fruit or small squashes extends the life of the wreath to the whole holiday season. If you want to go crafty, wrap yarn in holiday colors around a hoop of Styrofoam, tie on an accent of jingle bells, and create a wreath that lasts for years.


Don't stop there!


Extend the greenery inside! Place wreaths in the windows and on cabinet doors inside your home where the green will go great with the wood.


Remember the garland too—match the foliage in your wreaths to your garland for a put-together look. Creating a garland out of ribbon instead of pine can give your stairs or fireplace mantel that extra flair, and you'll avoid the hassle of cleaning up pine needles. For the stairs, attach wreaths to the railing with wire and loop the ribbons through it for a drooping curve effect.


If you're still craving nature inside, though, consider a mini-tree. Spray paint sticks from the yard, plant them in a vase, and adorn as you desire. Silver ornaments are a dime a dozen, so pop a bunch on there for easy decoration.


You already know how to decorate the full tree, but keep in mind its visual appeal. Matching it to other pieces in the room with colored bows or lights can finish off a room nicely.


Keep the party going at dinner


Wow your guests when they walk in with a few easy decorations. The tried-and-true way to achieve this is by dressing the dinner table. Pull out your best dishware and placemats and aim for a theme. Winter is a great time for silver, or choose plain white plates with a few accent pieces for pops of color and design. Be sure to use those pieces for serving food.


Ornaments placed in unusual places create an air of whimsy. Consider hanging spare ornaments from light fixtures with ribbons or hooks alongside greenery snipped from your tree. Or pile everything onto a tiered cake plate to make a nice centerpiece. A tall houseplant can even serve as a humorous place to put your spare baubles. Be aware of kids and pets, though!


Centerpieces can make a really big statement while being easy to create. Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Use leftover, oddly shaped wrapping paper to wrap small boxes.
  • Mix any of the following in a bowl for that all-encompassing winter feel: fruit, ornaments, pinecones, holiday lights, bells, and candles.
  • Place two or three small, elegant bouquets on the table—cups of roses won't bust the budget on flowers.
  • If you're down to the last minute, snip some greenery from your Christmas tree, tie it with ribbon at the bottom, and place it in a glass with an inch of water.


Keep your living space nice and clutter-free—edit after you decorate to be sure you don't overdo it. If you add a wreath, for example, take away a picture on the wall.


Decorating is easy and simple with a few ideas to get you started. Small details can generate a lot of buzz when the relatives start arriving—they'll feel welcomed and in the holiday spirit already!