This is New England so the change of seasons should be routine and comforting to us all. But for some the departure of warm sunny days to crisp fall afternoons and ultimately a winter backdrop can be difficult. Perhaps taking steps to add a cozier element to your home will help with this inevitable transition.

Carol Hudson, with Hudson Designs believes that using gifts from the outdoors can help warm many hearts inside. "There are fabulous greens that can be brought indoors to bring seasonal color into your home", says Hudson who is a top floral designer in Wellesley. She suggests using boxwoods, arborviate, cypress and hemlock along with the traditional acorns, pumpkins and gourds. Even the produce section of the supermarket can add a neat element to your decor. Hudson loves mixing dahlias (an easy cut flower) and silvery green eucalyptus with store bought brussel sprouts, artichokes and even grapes! A tasty treat on the eyes!

For interior decorator Deborah Berger with the Maven Design Group, the winter can mean spring cleaning. She suggests removing framed pictures, bright toss pillows and certain decorative pieces to make way for seasonal items. The benefit of this isn't just to make way for winter decor, but your things will seem new when you pull them out after the spring thaw.

"I love to use small rugs in many different ways. Outrageous texture, pile and pattern work great – such as a little shaped fur rug or a silk-like shag rug. Imagine how warm and cozy a small, dark charcoal gray Tibetan fur rug would look draped over the back of your linen sofa. How luxurious and comfy if you put one under your desk for your cold winter feet. Or, an ivory-colored one draped across your dining tablescape with high-quality electric candles.." Deborah adds, you can find these at all price points and qualities – from IKEA to Barneys. Cozy, seasonal – and surprising.

Another prediction coming out of Maven Design Group, that gold will make a splash this holiday season and it is trending as a "new neutral" in the designer world. So splash a little bling around the house in the coming weeks.

In summary both design experts agree, that whatever steps you take to create a wintery holiday vibe, make sure it expresses you and your style. That is perhaps the best advice of all! Happy Decorating!!

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