Keeping your kitchen organized can be frustrating. It’s the room that gets the most foot traffic. It’s where meals are made and served and where so many of your daily items are stored. However, hope isn’t completely lost yet. There are some simple tips that you can implement that will help you keep your kitchen organized around the clock. Keep reading to find out more.

Use cabinet pull-outs and risers

Cabinets can get messy quickly if you don’t have a way to organize their contents. Cabinet pull-outs allow you to organize pans, platters and other items neatly, and they give you easy access to cabinets. Instead of rustling through your cabinets looking for the item you need, you can save time with a pull-out system.

Another good (and cheap) investment is a cabinet riser. By placing one in your cabinet, it allows you to elevate certain items like bowls or mugs (almost like a loft bed) so that you have room underneath to store even more things. 

Keep everyday items within arm’s reach

A great way to keep your kitchen more organized is to store the items that you use often within arm’s reach. That way, you don’t have to search through different drawers and cupboards to find the things you need. Hang cooking utensils such as a spatula and ladle by the stove. Hang your favorite mugs on a rack by the coffeemaker. 

You can make use of Command hooks and even a towel holder to hang frequently used items in their necessary spots. 

Use drawer dividers for items besides cutlery

We’ve all got one or two “junk drawers” in the kitchen; but really, all that means is that there are a bunch of items thrown in haphazardly. A simple way to fix that is to use the same drawer dividers in your junk drawer that you use for cutlery. You can organize items by category, making it easy to find what you need. 

Store similar items together

Most kitchens suffer from organization methods that don’t have any rhyme or reason. Storing items randomly makes it difficult to locate the things you need, causing you to take everything out of your cabinets just to find a jar of peanut butter. If you store similar items together, you can avoid this entirely. Keep everyday dishes like plates, bowls and glasses in one cupboard. Keep all of your cutting boards in the same place. Stack baking dishes on the same shelves. Make sure all of your spices are stored together. 

Make use of door storage

Don’t forget that you can hang things on the back of cabinet and pantry doors. You can attach racks for cleaning accessories on the back of the cabinet door under your sink. You can hang a spice rack on the back of your pantry door. The possibilities are endless. You can even make use of space on your refrigerator door with magnetic hooks. 

Keep items on the counter in baskets

There are some kitchen essentials that we use so frequently that it doesn’t make sense to store them away. Things such as sponges, towels, disinfectant wipes or food items you use daily like coffee can all be stored neatly even if they’re out on the counter. Make use of metal baskets, tiered stands or hanging baskets to store these items so that, although they’re in plain sight, they don’t make your kitchen look messy. 

What are your tricks for keeping your kitchen in tip-top shape? We’d love to hear from you!