How to Set Up Your Home Office


The No. 1 essential for your office is comfort. An office you want to be in will help you get more done! Keep in mind the number of hours you will spend there.


  • Choose a location that is big enough so you aren't squeezed in anywhere, in a separate room, if possible.
  • Your chair is everything — make sure it is ergonomically correct and adjustable, rotates 360 degrees, and allows for rocking and bouncing. You should test the chair in-store and have a warranty in case you don't like it after a couple of hours at home.
  • A stand-up desk reduces the time you spend sitting and eases pain, or opt for an adjustable-height desk.
  • Lighting is key to fighting eye strain, so position lights where they won't create a glare against the computer screen. Position a desk lamp on the opposite side from your writing hand to reduce shadows.


Organization helps keep you at your most productive. Know your style and work with it. For example, use baskets to sort papers if you like papers within reach, or have a filing cabinet.


  • Choosing practical furniture that also has style adds to the décor — and your good mood!
  • Choose pieces on wheels, so your office layout can always change if you want it to.
  • Vertical storage conserves horizontal space: Floating shelves and file cabinets work well.
  • Wrangle computer cords by placing devices close to outlets and leading them through a hole in the desk. Rubber bands keep cords neat and bunched together.


Don't skimp on the decorations, which can be as crucial as putting pens in your cup! Without a beautiful space, you won't feel inspired, cheerful or energized to work.


  • Bring the décor of your home into the office, whether traditional or contemporary.
  • Paint color can affect your mood: Bright colors can be exciting, while cool colors such as blue have a calming effect.
  • Choose between glossy (high-energy) and matte (calm and focused) paints.
  • Put your desk near a window for the view and the natural light. If no window is available, then hang a picture over your desk or face your chair toward the door.
  • Carry out your decorating scheme in everything, from your wastebasket to your pencil cup; if you're going for a contemporary look, then bring it out in a few choice items.
  • Save room for a couple of inspiring knickknacks, a family photo or a memento!


The key to making your office an enjoyable space is tailoring it to your workflow and bringing out your personality. Those two simple things will make you feel ready to get down to work!