Every week, I think to myself that maybe we will see a change in the market--but that’s just not the case. What strikes me is just how low the inventory is across all our towns:
These are record-breaking lows, which doesn’t give new buyers who are entering the market much of a choice when shopping for their next chapter. In order to get their new home, buyers have to jump in quickly when a new listing comes on the market. This can be tough if you aren’t just a car ride away. 
Mortgage rates remain low. While new applications didn't jump up dramatically this past week, they are up 24% from the same time last year. 
So much lies ahead in the coming weeks and months, which continues to add a layer of anxiety in daily life for many of us. The election brings uncertainty, and in Massachusetts, we all wonder what the colder weather means for us and our social gatherings with the pandemic continuing on. Massachusetts continues to be a standout in terms of managing the number of Covid-19 cases, and was labeled as a "steady" state, according to the Wall Street Journal. Spending time outside brings a sense of peace and hope, but as it gets colder and we are inside more, I hope we are still as successful controlling the spread of the virus.
In terms of real estate, we have a tried and tested pandemic protocol that seems to be working. Buyers, sellers and brokers are all on board with safety guidelines. It's really been seamless!
Be well and have a great week. We have seen a number of new listings come on since we read the numbers from last week, so more reports to come.