This week's update comes as September is sneaking up on us and the debate about reopening schools rages on around us. My phone is full of text chains on both sides of the conversation about whether or not it is safe for teachers and students to return to school in the fall. It seems while administrations are pushing for a hybrid model, many of the teachers' unions aren't comfortable with teachers being in the classrooms yet. Another layer of uncertainty added to this complex world we currently live in. I see the unknown of the next few months affecting my middle daughter and her friends the most. At 16, they are trying to be creative in finding things to do. Thankfully, my daughter is working and hanging out a lot, but I also hear them complain about mounting anxiety attacks this summer. This is taking a toll on them. Normalcy, routine schedules and healthy interactions are so critical right now. When will we get that back? Balancing our kids' mental health along with physical well being is a tough balance. There are no easy answers.
And so that brings us to real estate. Many adults are taking action to bring some form of control into their lives by finding a new home, whether it's a primary residence or vacation home. This week we are putting on some spectacular new listings and when writing the descriptions it's amazing to me how in just 5 months the criteria for home has changed so much. It isn't as much about utility but rather lifestyle. In Needham, we are listing a great house with a pool and office space off of the master bedroom. These are two incredible features, but at the beginning of the year maybe didn't hold as much value to buyers. Pools were hit or miss with potential buyers, now there's a waiting list to get one and they aren't necessarily a deterrent (for most people) but an attraction. If you are stuck at home during the dog days of summer, what's better than having a pool?! 
In Lincoln, we have listed a very special custom property with Vermont- like grounds that instantly relax you as soon as you approach the property. There are views from every window. If the place where you spend so much time can be restful and create serenity in these times, many will take it. I know I would.
The amount of homes going under agreement is still quite impressive in all towns. They are down by a point or two, but I believe that's a symptom of summer more than anything. People are away on vacation. That is actually where I am headed with my family for five days. We cancelled a trip to Yellowstone and will stay local though. I am so looking forward to time with my husband and kids. This is my first time away since February and my kids have been so understanding of my work schedule, but it's time for forced family fun. I know I will come back recharged and hopefully they will too. As always, I am so grateful to my incredible team for the commitment and excellent work they put forward each and every day for me and all our clients. Thank you Lindsey Fay, Amy Caffrey and Susan Lyman.
Be well everyone! Have a great week.
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