In this week's report, the local numbers show things moving ahead with the same consistency that we have been seeing. An impressive number of homes are coming on the market and going under agreement quite quickly in all price ranges. The demand in our area still seems quite high and the inventory (number of houses on the market) is quite low. I continue to encourage sellers to come on the market now, since as of today, the power still seems to be in the hands of the seller. We will never be able to predict what will happen in the future and real estate may not always be as rosy, so act now if you can.
That said, some national reports (while still boasting a robust real estate market) are a little cautious about the future. As noted in's weekly update, Danielle Hale,'s chief economist says, “Prices are rising and housing inventory is vanishing almost as fast as it appears.” However, Hale points to two housing indicators that may hint at a turn in the market. Housing demand from buyers has cooled slightly, while new listings showed a smaller decline than previous weeks, Hale says. “This could be a hiccup in weekly activity, or, if these trends continue, they could signal a shift in market dynamics leading into the fall when political, economic, and health-related uncertainties abound,” she says. 
Buyer demand dropped 3.3 points since last week, and inventory showed improvement, rising 3.2 points higher—though it still remains below its pre-COVID-19 baseline. 
Typically, the fall for me means a season of new starts and stability. I find that this year, I feel differently, and I am not alone. Many whom I have talked with are uneasy and anxious about the uncertainty of what is to come. Our balance is off with homeschooling, an unsettled political climate, fires, and now floods. Autumn was early to arrive and made a big entrance with cool temperatures in late August. Is this a precursor of something bigger? Hard to say-- as always, I will keep watching and analyzing.
Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy New Year to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Until next week.