I am so glad I didn't rush to judgment the last few weeks when we saw fewer houses going under agreement. The latest numbers support that the rush for buying a home continues to be strong. The short slow down could have been because people were getting back to school and there seemed to be an added anxiety readjusting for a strange fall. 
Houses that the market perceive as a good value and are priced well are selling swiftly. Some price bands are more robust than others. I noted before that the $1.5-$2M price range in the Wellesley-Weston market moved the fastest. In examining why, my guess is these buyers have one or two kids, they are in upper management at work, and they tend to feel more secure in their jobs. Surprisingly the $1M and under range isn't quite as brisk as past years in Wellesley. Perhaps that segment of the market is younger and are nervous about losing their jobs. 
That said, we ventured out of our main selling region and had bids on houses in Framingham and Medway in the $500k range for two clients-- the Framingham house had 10 offers and sold more than 10% above it's asking price. I am thrilled to say my clients got it! In Medway we were up against 17 other offers! Buyers feeling outpriced in towns closer to Boston are flocking farther out, desperate to find a home. Wow! In Framingham, the broker shared with me that many buyers are dropping inspection contingencies in order to get a leg up in the offer process. A risky move, but in some cases a necessity to win a bidding war.
In terms of the low inventory we see everywhere, it's a problem nationally. Some sellers realize that this is an opportunity to take advantage of a good market and sell for a high price. Others are tentative and holding off on selling, either due to Covid-related issues or even the simple question of where will THEY go? It's not an ideal time to move across the country or down south for many. 
Here's a quote from Bloomberg which is quite interesting and shows how extreme the low inventory really is nationwide.
"The combined effect has created an extreme drought of previously owned homes for sale. At the end of July, there were 1.3 million single-family existing homes for sale, the lowest count for any July in data going back to 1982, according to the National Association of Realtors. In the week ended Sept. 12, total for sale inventory was down 29.4% from a year earlier at the lowest level since at least late 2017."
Have a great week everyone! As always, reach out with any questions. If you are thinking of listing your house, do it! There are many, many buyers out there who want it.
Amy, Susan, and I had the wonderful time taking new pictures with Maura Wayman at our 232 Lincoln Road listing. I couldn't be prouder to call these amazing women my team. Talented, smart, hard working, and kind equals an incredible success story each and every day. Thank you both so much for being a bright light in 2020!