This is the summer of real estate- everyone is talking about, curious about, and excited about houses. I was fortunate to head to the Cape to see my parents last weekend and even there the market is hot, hot, hot! Houses are selling quickly as buyers flock to serene settings for their families.
In our area the summer vibe is present, with less cars on the road, a somewhat slower day to day pace, and quietly the market keeps brewing with houses going under agreement. I checked in with other brokers and while listings are selling, there doesn't seem to be as frantic of a rush with multiple offers, but they are seeing one strong offer that comes in a takes the prize. Elaine Bannigan, Pinnacle's owner always likes to say "The good houses go to those who are bold and decisive," and that's how you have to be these days as a buyer. Step up and make it happen! For the sellers, price your house well, fix it up so it shines and then we hope that the market responds well.
In talking with our banker colleagues, rates are expected to stay really low in the next year which should continue to fuel a positive buying climate. They are anticipating this strong real estate market to continue through 2021. Refinances have been put on the back burner by many financial institutions as they try to keep up with the demand of home purchases.
We continue to show our beautiful listings that are currently on the market and have more we will be sharing in the coming weeks. I am so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful sellers, buyers and colleagues who are all working together to get houses sold and reach the next chapter in 2020.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun!!
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