Each week, I write about all the great towns just west of Boston. Do you know the details that make up these areas? You do now!


Tax rates in many towns have decreased in recent years, BUT of course the sales price and in turn the assessments have gone up dramatically.

Credit to: Massachusetts Census Data and MLS

The towns above continue to be incredibly appealing to buyers from all over. The number of houses under contract is still stunning.

170 Benvenue Street Wellesley 




I am proud to share this Cape style home coming on the market next week. 



Launcher Way, Wayland


Click here to see Launcher Way



Only 10 left at Launcher Way. Two of the houses were sold in the first weekend. Lots of excitement around this development.


The Belclare Unit 306

580 Washington Street, Wellesley 


Click here to see The Belclare


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