This week was filled with emotion for me and my clients. There are highs and there are lows happening all the time in the real estate world, and everyone in the game is on this roller coaster.


Happiness comes with "victory," which is reserved right now for sellers who are getting "Holy ***" prices for their homes. That same emotion is bestowed upon the winners of bidding wars or the really bold buyers who step up early going way over the listing price to snap up a property before anyone else can. Happiness is an agent whose client gets their dream home.

This is reserved for the buyer's agents who are thrilled for their clients who got the house, but are up all night hoping that the bank appraises the property for the price their buyer paid. Worry is also reserved for agents who are concerned that someone will bid on a property before their client sees it. Worry sets in while waiting at home after submitting your bid. This can be hours that seem like days. Worry can be combatted by being proactive and tackling any obstacle the best way we can so there is a better outcome.


Concern sets in for people whose homes don't sell in a matter of days. They question why they are left on the market while their competition is disappearing from the active listing page. Concern is alleviated by reminding everyone that not every house sells immediately. It can take time. All properties will sell eventually; you just need a good professional to read the market for you and react accordingly. This is where part time therapist comes in.:) Concern is the buyer who fears they will never get a house. I am here to tell you that you will! People reading this who are on the other side of the process relaxing in their new living room, have a deep wisdom now and I am sure agree it really does all work out. No one's journey is the same, and the experiences along the road get us to where we need to be. I promise!


This is what buyers are experiencing the most. They are doing a lot of waiting these days. Waiting for a house to come on that meets their criteria, waiting to see if they offered enough. If they do come in on top in a bidding war, refer above to Happiness. If it is lost we move into, "disappointment." The ladder disappears quickly as we head back out even more determined and smarter.


This is an emotion some will feel unfortunately these days. It isn't long lasting and a healthy attitude coupled with the realization that looking for a house or selling one can be a marathon sometimes and not always a sprint. 

While buying a house is a huge life decision, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only do you see lovely properties along the way, you are also learning valuable lessons in finance, design, negotiation, compromise, and what makes a good deal. The thrill of the chase can be fun and I am sure we will have laughs along the way! 



Looking for something to do in the coming weeks to lift you up? How about...

The Boston Marathon

The 128th Boston Marathon is coming through many of our towns very soon! Monday April 15, 2024. 




Wellesley Kitchen Tour


While this sold out fast, if you are able to get a ticket I highly recommend you take advantage! So proud to be the official sponsor of the Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club.




Earth Day Celebration at Land's Sake Farm


April 20th, 2024.


11 Roanoke Road, Wellesley


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 Launcher Way, Wayland


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12 Durant Road, Wellesley



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