Spring is here, and it's a great feeling. Not only are the flowers and trees racing to reach full potential, but so is the market. Inventory has burst (a little) building up at a brisker pace than we have seen. It's nice for buyers to finally have some choices.

With more choices, potential new owners have options, and they will pick the houses where they see value. Not everything is flying, there are some homes that are adjusting prices to get where they need to be in order to be that "value" player. The price reduction is a great tool to open your property up to new eyes- people who may not have even known about the house at the previous higher price. I know sellers worry a price reduction will stigmatize their home, but it can invigorate and infuse a new life into the listing.


MBTA Communities Law


You may have heard the buzz about the MBTA Communities Law that was passed in Massachusetts. The law requires relaxed multifamily zoning near the T and other commuter stations. It doesn't mandate that new buildings have to be developed, nor does it offer guidance on how the town will handle an influx of people, but it encourages zoning be relaxed so there is the possibility of more housing. For Wellesley, Natick, Needham, Concord etc. that have commuter rail stops, each town will have to come up with their plan to make the changes by the end of 2024 according to the Boston Globe: "They must rezone to permit a minimum number of multifamily housing units equal to 15 percent of the current housing stock. Deadline for rezoning is the end of 2024." Pretty interesting.


Now the fun part!! So happy to present all of my current and coming soon listings! I am the luckiest agent around, honored to represent these wonderful people selling their special properties.

65 Kingsbury Street, Wellesley


Click here to see 65 Kingsbury Street 

200 Pond Road, Wellesley 


11 Roanoke Road, Wellesley


Click here to see 11 Roanoke Road


33 Royalston Road, Wellesley


Launcher Way, Wayland


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4 Carver Road 




37 Garden Road




8 Beverly Road 




243 Crafts Street, Newton 

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