It's alright to cry! I am here to give you that permission. Selling your house can be just as stressful as ending a relationship with someone you care deeply for. The tension that comes with moving is not to be underestimated. And if you feel like crying, you aren't alone!

Studies show it's easier to be a buyer and that 1/3 of Americans cry when selling. That said, there are things you can do to make the process easier for you emotionally. 

So why is this process so hard? 


  • Many people are sentimental and cherish the memories their home holds. 
  • If you are moving far, it is sad to say good bye to people you care about.
  • Change can be hard for people. It means setting new paths, rituals and routines and saying goodbye to the old ones. It forces us to shake things up and question if we have the bandwidth to do it.
  • So much of real estate is out of our control. This can feel uneasy for many. My mantra is that we give 110% while getting the house ready, creating the marketing plan and landing on the right price. Once the house is for sale, however, it is up to the market to decide what is the correct price and in some cases, it's the buyers who set the terms. This can feel out of control for sellers. (That hasn't been the case in the last few years, where it's been a seller's market).
  • Logistically it can be stressful vacating for showings and having the house show ready. 
  • After you have taken your personal belongings out of your home and in some cases brought in staging furniture, the house can feel vacant and soulless to the homeowner.

So what can you do to alleviate the stress while selling? 


  • Establish a relationship with an agent you trust and take that time to work together to get your house ready. 
  • Working with someone who is a full time-experienced agent with empathy is key! If you are just another listing to your agent, you won't get the support you need.
  • Do as much of the packing, removing clutter and cleaning upfront before you come on the market. This way it is done on your timeline and will make the ultimate move easier.
  • Do small projects, but don't take on major renovations right before you list. Any type of building is a stressor. Compounding this with listing and moving is not a help.
  • EXERCISE and take time for you, self care is critical! Keep doing what you love and what gives you peace during the process. You are going to need these things to help you get through it.
  • If your feelings are really strong, make sure you are talking to a licensed therapist or someone who can help you through this difficult time. There is a reason one of my clients gave me the mug above!
  • Have a daily routine once you are on the market so the house is show ready and you won't be rushing around when your agent calls to say someone wants to get in asap!
  • Put it all in perspective- as long as you have your health and your loved ones are healthy, isn't that the most important thing? Experiences and happiness help shape our lives and your home is a lovely backdrop, but lovely because you created the memories.
  • Don't have expectations and think big picture! Your house will sell. Some do so in a weekend and others in six months. With a quality Realtor advising you, you will get to where you need to be. Look ahead a few months or a year, and the mixed emotions you feel will most likely be a distant memory. Time does heal a lot of things.
  • Don't make the deal more important than the end goal and don't take things personally! I see so many people get insulted about a counter offer or opening bid and demonize the buyers or sellers. This raises their anxiety level! A negotiation is part of the process- put yourself in the buyer's shoes. They don't want to overpay and you don't want to give it away. Finding the common ground is a good deal for everyone and the right platform to move forward!
  • KIDS ARE RESILIENT. Buyers and sellers worry so much about how their kids will adjust to a new town or neighborhood. There may be a few days or weeks of sadness, but in nearly all scenarios the kids meet friends and it all works out! Especially with younger children.

Together we can get through this! Moving can also be a fun and exciting experience that hel




And yes, here are this week's numbers. Have a great week!



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