13 offers! That's how many were on a house in Wellesley last weekend, a sign that there is still a strong heartbeat supporting this real estate market. The winning bidder paid roughly 20% over the asking price. Thirteen was an unlucky number for my buyers who lost out after submitting a creative and outstanding offer. This was a solid house that was well cared for by the sellers and within walking distance to downtown Wellesley and Linden Square. (See below) A real tease for the would be owners all itching to call it theirs- interest rates be damned!

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that US home prices rose in July. The national sales price went up by 1.9%. The buyers who are determined and on the hunt are able to focus on what they can control, such as their budgets and the property they want, rather than worrying about rates which out of their control. Buying a house is a mid-long term investment for most people, so chances are when you jump in, you'll immediately see value in the memories you make and the stability you have by being able to call wherever you land home!

Taking care of your domain and protecting your asset is one of the best things you can do! There's a long list of steps we can take each fall to prepare for the long winter ahead. In case you need a reminder- here you go! Happy to share vendor's names if you need assistance with these projects.

Fall Home To-Do List


1. Fall Winterization of your Sprinkler System.


2. Fall Exterior Clean Up of Leaves (I typically do this before Thanksgiving so they don't have to come twice)


3. Clean your gutters of leaves. I also do this before Thanksgiving to ensure most of the trees are bare.


4. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. We do it every Halloween! 


5. Change the filters in your heating or AC furnaces.


6. Clean your dryer vent. I use a professional company to do this.


7. Some recommend having your ducts cleaned as well. A tip I have also learned is keep your fan running on your HVAC. This helps get rid of moisture that can build up from the air conditioning condensation or from a humidifer if you use one. 


8. Window Washing. I do this before the winter months too! All the better to watch the snow!


9. Put away or cover up your outdoor furniture.


10. Shut off your outdoor spigots so they don't freeze during the winter months.


I'm always available and more than happy to provide an analysis for you! Email me at teri@mgsgrouprealestate.com or call at 617-306-3642 to schedule a meeting.

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