Is it slow out there? Depends on who you ask!


Some properties which are picture perfect and check off lots of boxes are still at the center of bidding wars. It happened again in Wellesley and Needham last week with a handful of homes priced under $2M! These are the buyers who most likely will take out a mortgage, but despite their rate they are willing to be aggressive and effective.

Courtesy of Adam Goulet- Movement Mortgage

The starting price is important though in determining the demand. If a seller gets greedy and the starting price is unrealistic, their home is going to sit! In two instances my clients offered a reasonable bid on properties that were clearly overpriced. In one scenario we were swiftly told, "no thanks we will wait for our number and with a 2.2% mortgage rate we can hold onto our empty property!" Maybe the real estate gods will grant them their magic number, but not from us.

The higher end properties north of $4M are sitting quietly with anxious agents and sellers behind the scenes. The average days on market for these estates (62 of them) in a sampling of MetroWest towns is about 106 days on market so far! A different story than lower price ranges. 

As I am sure you have heard by now, the Federal Reserve decided not to raise interest rates this week, but promised to do so later in the year and two more times in 2024. This supports my prediction that rates are here to stay for a while. The dream of refinancing down to 5% may be in the distant future, but when that time comes you can bet that sale prices and the demand will go up since the market will be flooded with more people jumping into the game! 

I just launched a fabulous listing in Wellesley. Check it out!


Here is to a great week! Cheers!

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