Hello!!! It feels so good to be writing my blog again. My transition to MGS Group is complete, and fantastic!!
THANK YOU to everyone for your incredible support and kind words over the last few weeks. I am so excited to open our Wellesley office, and can't wait to share the address soon. 
We were right off to the races last week, putting 3 properties under agreement and launching a new listing today - with more to come.
So, let's talk about real estate in the Metro West! Hot, hot, hot- that's what I am seeing for the fall market. There aren't as many showings booked as there were in the spring, because there aren't as many buyers in the fall - which we have talked about. 
Houses to buy are still scarce, which explains the impetus for bidding wars. Low inventory is still wreaking havoc in the market and houses are being swept up quickly. This is most apparent when they are priced realistically, and in great condition with tasteful updates and decor. Buyers who are the hungriest are moving aggressively, and writing strong offers in just a matter of hours into the process. It's hard to navigate for brokers and sellers alike. It can be overwhelming trying to decide when offers should be accepted. "Do we wait through the weekend, or take something now?" There is no easy answer to that question. My contacts in the southern part of the country, mostly North and South Carolina where I am a real estate investor, agree with me; they also report properties being swept off the market immediately in their regions.
Mortgage rates are creeping up, and are expected to do so throughout 2022. You can expect to see a 3.5% rate for a thirty-year fixed mortgage next year. The average 30-year fixed rate moved from 2.99% to 3.05% this month - its highest price point since April. Freddie Mac's chief economist said on October 14, inflationary pressure due to the pandemic and tightening monetary policy is what will push rates higher. 
 I think that this strong market is here to stay. The emotional punch that people feel when they walk into what they hope will be their forever home is priceless, and is one of the biggest drivers of this market. Houses are the backdrop to our lives, for better or worse. The pause from everyday life that we've experienced over the past two years has driven that notion home to us all. Our collective reaction to this has caused a housing burst like we have never seen.
If you haven't already checked in with me, please do! I want to make sure that I have your email since I changed addresses. I feel very reflective these last few weeks, and I am so incredibly thankful for my friends, clients, and family that make my life richer. Thank you!