The fall market is ON, and we are stepping into a pattern here with enough sales to tell the story, at least this chapter. To me, the selling climate doesn't feel dire or dramatic - it just feels similar to the years before 2020 slammed the market into high gear. Some sellers are looking back to the good old days about 6 months ago, and some buyers are looking forward to 6 months from now predicting a correction (that may or may not happen.) Conflicting expectations can cause some tension, but the market adjusts to a new norm pretty quickly so hopefully we will all get on the same page very soon. The deals we have put together in the last few weeks were swift and efficient. They were not bidding wars that propelled over asking selling prices, but the sellers will still walk away making a substantial profit on their home in most cases. Are interest rates the culprit behind the slower pace? They may play a part, but they are just one ingredient.

Not only have I been shopping for houses for my clients, but interest rates too. And if you look hard enough you will find a product that can save hundreds of dollars a month. One of my mortgage brokers can offer clients 4.5% on a jumbo 30 year loan!!! Wow!!! I shared that with one family and this huge savings helped propel them back in the game and they have put an incredible house under contract this week. I am happy to share the mortgage contact if you want to reach out. Don't be discouraged- where there is a will, there is a way!! 

As I have said in previous blogs, prices have not dropped, even if properties are staying on the market a bit longer than a day or a weekend. This week I have had buyers ask me "what is wrong with it?" when a house is on for more than a few days. Those who are ready to purchase a house should start seeing this slower pace and longer days on market as a great opportunity to get a house they would not have been able to win in a bidding war earlier this year. The good houses in great locations will sell and you will miss out if you get caught in over-analyzing the market and the "deal" instead of keeping your eye on the prize which is getting a home for you and your family. Inventory has snuck up a little as you can see in the numbers above.

Now that we are all spending more time in our houses with winter approaching, it's a good time to think about decorating. I found this fun article on what trends we need to let go of as we head into 2023!! I guess I need new kitchen chairs based on this list!!


Lastly, I introduced 2 amazing listings this week! 15 Howe Street, Wellesley is a cozy, charming modern farmhouse in the center of town, and 16 Gail Road is a bright and airy custom-designed home on the south side of Weston. Call me for more information!