A Thankful Realtor's Ode to Clients
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday by far! It's centered around all of the things that make us happy - family (most of the time) and food (all of the time). Of course, I am thankful for this wonderful career and my buyers and sellers. So this week's blog is for you! 
To our Buyers,
Thank you buyers for hanging in there during this incredible, frenzied and powerful market.
Thank you for digesting that in one year prices went up 50% in some markets! 
Thank you for being decisive and knowing in 20 minutes if this is the house you'll spend the next ten years in.
Thank you for stepping up when you needed to for your family.
Thank you to your mortgage brokers for all of those pre-approval letters we asked for at 10pm on a Tuesday night.
Thank you to the inspectors for inventing the "pre-inspection", and we are sorry your business has been derailed since inspections are being waived on all houses (yes, including antiques from the 1800's!).
Thank you for rescheduling work meetings and dinners out, and postponing the kids' naps to run out and see houses.
Thank you for understanding that the word "contingency" has grown to be a dirty little word on an offer these days.
Thank you for realizing that house-buying has been more like an E-bay auction these days.
Thank you for wearing your masks and taking your shoes off in some houses, and not needing your mask and keeping your shoes on in others.
Thank you for always putting your best foot forward in a bidding war, and understanding when you don't get it.
Thank you for adapting to this low inventory, and widening your searches to include multiple towns so that we have houses to look at.
Thank you for keeping your cool when agents say offers are due Monday, but the seller takes an offer the Friday before at 3pm.
Thank you for your understanding when you ask me, 'how much is this house worth?' and I reply that I can't say for sure, since they are going up to 20% over asking.
Thank you for bidding 10-20% over asking so you get that house.
Thank you for waking up the next morning and being OK with paying 10-20% over asking.
Thank you for always asking me, 'will this crazy market end soon?', and being cool when I say, "no".
Thank you for your sense of humor. 
To our Sellers,
Thank you for listing your house (and I know all of the buyers say, "You are welcome!"). Haha!
All jokes aside, we are so thankful to our sellers, who trust us to represent them and their home with the absolute highest standards.
In this historic market, we can all agree that has certainly been easier to be a seller, who can almost guarantee that their home will sell quickly if it's priced right. We also know that this market has been exhausting and trying for our buyers, who face unparalleled competition in their search for a home.
We are so appreciative of each and every one of you who has entrusted us to navigate these crazy times together.
And of course, we couldn't forget our weekly market numbers. Check out this weeks trends:
Best of luck to everyone preparing for Thanksgiving next week! I hope it is a wonderful time filled with family, friends, good drinks, and great food.