It's a cold Saturday morning in December, and as I write this from my new listing, there are two "pre-inspections" whirling around me - at 8AM!!
A pre-inspection is when a buyer hires an inspector for an hour to tell him/her the basics about a house so there are some assurances on it being sound. This way, they can waive their inspection contingency with an offer, thus making themselves stronger in a multiple bidding situation. One of the buyers flew here on a red eye from Orange County, California in order to see the house before our offer deadline at the end of Saturday. From here, we have an open house and the rush will continue.
A different broker listed a very different property across town in a lower price point and they too are flooded with showings and open houses. 
Both of these data points are great examples of a hot real estate market not losing any steam, even with the holiday season attempting to derail it. Those lazy days of December packed with lunches and shopping are not happening for me this year, a repeat of 2020, but I'll take it. We could blame the holidays for the low inventory in each town, but the numbers reflect what we have seen all year.
Buying and selling real estate is a year-long event without interruptions, negating the tradition of it being a seasonal sport, primarily in the spring.
The daily articles I am reading have headlines shouting about the incredible appreciation of prices in certain markets. The National Association of Realtors writes that October was a great month for sellers- "The notable gain in October assures that total existing-home sales in 2021 will exceed 6 million, which will shape up to be the best performance in 15 years."
This article I discovered on NPR supports the theory that this isn't a bubble, but a strong market built on fundamentals, which makes it much more sustainable than 2000. 
It can't be all work and no play or giving back this season though! That is why I want to share information about two great organizations and events surrounding them.
Wellesley Marketplace POP
I am a corporate sponsor of the
Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club.
Their big fundraising event is a shopping extravaganza!
What: More than 55 Artisans and Craftsman selling their homemade crafts!
When: December 10, 11, 12
Where: 165 Linden Street, Wellesley
Why: All proceeds go to charities in the community!
My daughter Anna and her friend Rachel are doing their annual fundraising event for a Rosie's Place, a homeless shelter and community center for women in crisis.
Rosie’s Place is looking for donations/gift cards in increments of $25.00 to CVS, Target, Walmart, and Old Navy by 12/11. Please note that if the gift cards are more than $25, Rosie’s Place will not be able to accept them.If you have a drop-off donation, please email me at:
They will also be accepting cash and Venmo donations to buy the shelter a variety of supplies. You can donate by venmo-ing your preferred amount to
Thank you for your support! Happy Holidays everyone and hope you are enjoying the weekend!