I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if it looked a little different this year. Real estate agents aren't quite as busy getting houses ready to come on the market right now, as you can see from this week's numbers. The data is a two-week time period and not a lot of new listings were presented, but the buying numbers are still quite impressive:
And yes, even in the midst of a holiday, there are bidding wars in all price ranges. It should also be pointed out that some sellers have withdrawn their homes from the market for the season, which contributes to the low remaining number.
What we are seeing now should set the pattern for December, especially as people are focused on the holidays and wrapping up school. January will be a whole different ball game and we could see a really early and robust spring market.
Last week, we had a successful pie giveaway and it meant more than ever, as it felt so good to see clients and connect. What's better than a fresh baked pie!
In years past, pie pick-up has been at Pinnacle’s office, but because of the pandemic, the party moved to outside my garage instead. With a fire pit and hot apple cider to combat the chilly weather, this new covid-safe change was a wild success! Pandemic or not, this will be the background next year too. 
Hope you're having a great start to your December. We'll see you next week with another update!