Let's have some fun this week and talk about design!


If you are moving into a new home or staying put and dreaming of updating a room or two, now is a good time to start planning. Spring is within reach and it's a season of renewal, so let's take a look at design trends in 2023!

1. Grays and cool colors are taking a backseat to warm palettes, and yes - even color is in! Interior design enthusiasts are up on this trend, but it seems that spec builders haven't received that message and still love to slap on gray paint and cabinets. At this point, when we walk into a home with a really cool toned vibe it feels dated. Staying at home during the pandemic made us all crave warmth, pushing those frosty finishes out the door. Now as we become more comfortable in post-pandemic life, color is working its way back in too. 

Cool-tone grays that once ruled home design now feel dated next to rich, warm interiors.

2. The modern farmhouse and mid-century modern aesthetics aren't the only game in town anymore. Sophisticated furnishings are making their way back in. I have a brown velvet couch with a skirt (quite conservative for me), and designer Kristen Dibella insisted on keeping it, working my home office around that lush-comfortable piece. It adds a welcoming homey environment and texture to a room.

"The comeback of neoclassicism, with its focus on highly detailed and symmetrical lines, is a natural progression after the popularity of mid-century modern." -Timothy Corrigan




3. Some experts are predicting mixed metals are a must have this year. Gold took first place for hardware in the last few years, now silver is being invited back and mixing the two is totally acceptable! Take a look at this gorgeous example from Hausmatters - they recommend mixing at least three metals for a successfully eclectic look. Don't stop at cabinet hardware - think sconces, outlet covers, even countertop accessories like your mixer!

4. Not everything needs to match - gone are the days of coordinating everything! An eclectic mix of metals, fabrics, wood and colors works today. It makes a room much more interesting!

This living room designed by Amanda Lindroth borrows from multiple styles and mediums to create a one-of-a-kind space that is both cozy and visually striking.

5. Take a chance! I am always so impressed when I go into a home and it looks different than every other house we see. Huge credit goes to those who will be creative and unique in their design. Have fun decorating your house and let your personality shine through. I find by mixing newer and older pieces you can easily achieve that cool and authentic look! 


Enjoy! As always, reach out with any questions about real estate! 

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