I can't seem to get past the weekly market numbers--this week in particular is truly startling. The more Realtors I talk to, I realize I’m not alone in feeling this way. Each person is in disbelief over how few houses are on the market. It's not just here! All over the country, the same story is played out.
Each single family home that came on the real estate market last week in Wellesley sold...and then some. 15 under agreement, AND this is with two snow storms paying us a visit (which always slows things down a bit). There were also a handful of off market sales (not listed on MLS) that are not reflected in this number. We are seeing prices pushed 20-25% higher in bidding wars in some situations, too.
Natick's story is the same-- but it's even more dramatic since only two new properties were introduced and 12 went under contract. In all of Natick, only 7 single family homes remain listed. Typically, it's about 60 houses listed on MLS this time of year! 
Weston has at least double the inventory compared to neighboring towns, but many of those are on the higher end. As I write this though, two properties were just flagged as having accepted offers and both were north of $3.5M. Good to see movement! 
What are buyers to do? It's frustrating for them of course, and as their broker I find it equally stressful. Waiting in long lines to do a showing and competing against a dozen offers isn't fun for anyone. Admittedly though, for the sellers it's not too bad as prices are reaching highs. The vicious cycle continues-- we need people to put their houses on the market, but with Covid and the lack of houses for them to buy, they are instead staying put for now. Our nasty winter weather isn't helping either. It's harder to envision backyards and roofs that are covered in snow, so some owners prefer to wait until fresh bursts of color dot their yard instead of mounds of snow.
Traditionally, right after public school break (which is next week), we see a slew of new properties hit the market and the peak of our spring selling season begins. Will that happen this year? I am so anxious to find out, but only time will tell.