This week, I received my first covid vaccine! The morning I received it, all my appointments were on hold for that hour (which for this worker bee is no small feat). Who ever thought a dose of a vaccine could bring so much happiness and peace of mind? After a year of being in front of people day after day, I am excited to feel fortified and safe. Yesterday, a client whose house we just sold gave me a hug- it was the first time in a year someone besides my family did that! (Nancy had the vaccine!) 
After my quick trip to Boston for the vaccine, it was back to the front lines of house hunting, but that isn't easy when there are so few houses to buy.
Take a second and really look at these inventory numbers. Typically 80-100 houses are for sale in these towns in the month of April-- not single digits. You would think we would be used to this low inventory, but it continues to amaze me.  
When any article about real estate is published nationally, the texts pour in from friends, family, and clients sending me the link. The hot article this week came from CNN. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog (which I hope you are!), the meat of this article is not a surprise. This past weekend, I was in a bidding war in Framingham and there were 27 offers. This is also becoming the norm. What I find interesting about this CNN piece is that experts predict prices will be not go down anytime soon. It tells buyers to get in there and make it happen if you really want a house. In our office, we like to say that "the good houses go to those who are bold and decisive." So get out there and be aggressive!
For my sellers, I am so happy for your success and honored to be a part of it. We had ten offers on a recent listing in Wellesley. In the end, the result was dramatic for my client. I encourage everyone out there who wants to sell to take advantage of the sellers' market if you can. You can set the terms that work for you. And please, whatever you do, don't pre-sell your house to someone before exposing it to the masses. You could be leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table! The law of supply and demand is real and works in your favor.
For this week's design tip I talked with Laura Finnerty and Blake Maroon with Wanderlust Interiors (or @wlustinteriors if you want to check them out on Instagram). These two have a lot of fun with color. They suggest that "deep, saturated colors can add warmth and character to a space. Don't be afraid to go bold and mix it up, not everything has to match perfectly if the colors complement each other.”
See you next week!