I was talking with a wise friend who is going through a tough time, and she said something that really resonated with me: the thing about this period is that EVERYTHING is either moving at warp speed or at a snail's pace, and there doesn't seem to be anything in between. I thought that sentiment was accurate and is a significant factor that's causing so much stress for so many. This theory on the energy around us comes into play with real estate too. The pace when a popular new listing comes on can be unsettling for everyone...and then after an intense bidding war, it comes to a screeching halt. The winner of the house moves forward to a purchase and sale (they have most likely waived any inspection), and the other bidders are left to mourn alone, feeling defeated.
As an agent, I was quite caught up in the whirlwind the last month or so with on-fire listings, and perhaps that momentum was reflected in my last blog. My dear buyer who is hoping to get a home in Wellesley challenged me on my analysis--to him, this is not a healthy market. There are no houses for his family and the process to get one is painful. If you are a cautious person who needs time to digest your options, the last thing you want is to feel rushed--especially when buying the biggest investment in a lifetime. There are strong financial indicators backing the soaring prices, but to this client, a healthy market is more of a balance of wins for buyers and sellers. To my loyal buyers who haven't landed a house, this isn't a ton of fun.
Of course, analysis on housing is a national pastime. Freddie Mac just released a new report that the US housing market is 3.8 million short to meet the present demand. The demand is likely to increase, given the improving financial picture of Generation Z in employment and house buying. According to Freddie Mac, the shortage has increased 52% since 2018.
Pinnacle shared this chart at our weekly meeting, which I thought was incredible showing just how much wealth people are accumulating by selling their home. Wow! 
I am signing off now- feeling a little light headed, but happy after my second vaccine! Talk about moving forward quickly--while waiting after my shot, the Hynes Convention Center Auditorium released hundreds of shots. Within a few hours, my two older daughters were whisked into Boston and are now on the path to a full vaccination. My husband is scheduled for tomorrow. Another historic moment in this surreal year.
Thanks so much and have a great week! Until next time.