What a busy week it’s been. I rushed to put new properties on the market with the help of our sellers. For Realtors, listings are of course critical to feed buyers’ hungry appetites for a new home. These days, hearing about a new listing takes me back to my television days and a “BREAKING NEWS” live shot. I loved the adrenaline rush that comes with a breaking news story, and the same feeling also comes with a well-priced home. It's wonderful to see buyers connect with a house that we’ve worked so hard to showcase. Always a pleasure to be busy with showings!
I was helping a new buyer last night, and during our conversation, I realized that the key word summing up the bidding process (and my job right now) is producing a "strategy." It's not as easy these days as putting in an offer and hoping it sticks. There is a strategy to writing that offer, deposits, inspections. Pricing correctly requires strategic thought as well. I won't share all my secrets here, but since January, those strategies we’ve used have landed several of my buyers a win in a bidding war and helped my sellers get the best terms and price for their home. These strategies have been refined over time and are effective. 
I am so happy rates are still dramatically low for buyers and those looking to refinance. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity that offers greater buying power despite the higher prices.
This week, I expect to see a lot of new properties hit the market the week before Memorial Day starts. Most likely, next week will be slower--especially if the weather in Massachusetts stays so warm and summer-like!
Moving on to my love of design, everywhere I turn on the internet and social media is this article about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis's house. The contemporary farmhouse is such a popular trend and I think they captured it beautifully. Definitely worth checking out--enjoy the article!