Complex! That is the best way I have heard the real estate market described. Limited inventory still defines what is happening all over the country, but especially here west of Boston. Below is a look at the local stats! The inventory is creeping up slightly, but still low overall.

An agent from north of Boston called me this week and said, "Teri, you know it isn't this crazy in other parts of the state, right?" In fact I was a bit surprised to hear it aloud. Nationally, I am told by colleagues that Oregon and California, NYC and Texas (Austin) for example have seen significant slow downs in their markets. They are shifting to a more balanced market where buyers at least have a chance.

Here, if something is priced well, in a desired location and in good condition then the demand is intense. This was evident in the battle my buyers and I were part of in Newton. 13 offers on an adorable two family home south of the Mass Pike- the house traded about 20% over asking. Properties in "destination neighborhoods" where people consistently target is is a driving factor for sure in these bidding wars. You know the saying you can change your house, but not your location!

Lots of talk about a recession looming and what that means in housing. Most experts truly believe that it will not negatively impact us at all. Historically a majority of the time the market actually strengthened rather than crashed with the economy stalling. 2008 was an exception!

I do think there will be a number of good homes that will be for sale in the coming weeks- sellers aren't done just yet. Many waited for warmer weather to showcase their gardens and exterior. I think they will do just fine as we see executives and their family's moving here just in time for school.


I am clearly feeling optimistic today! Have a great week!

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