I think Gracie in my office put it nicely when she said, "pretty interesting numbers this week." A new trend to be noted is that there are fewer under agreement properties than we have seen in recent weeks. The end of the school year has prompted people to hit the road, relax, and take a break from house hunting. 
As we approach the July 4th holiday, there will be a fair amount of houses hitting the market as sellers hope to get exposure before buyers really escape for summer vacations. As I recently explained to a client, July tends to be the month when we see relocation clients flying in to purchase a house before school starts, and not as many local trade up buyers are around. Perhaps we are on schedule to return to that typical trend this summer. 
A few things struck me as quite interesting in the news this week. The National Association of Realtors say that the median sales price nationally topped $350,000- nearly 24% higher than a year ago, and the biggest year to year increase since 1999. Someone asked if I have ever worked in a market like this, and the answer is no! I have been selling real estate for 15 years, but Elaine Bannigan, the owner of Pinnacle, has been in the biz for 30 years and says even she has never witnessed anything like this.
I thought that the Federal Reserve Chairman's comments on inflation were encouraging. He told a special house panel that recent inflation among hotels, restaurants, airlines, and lumber is simply due to reopening, and that it's in line with consumer demand. He expects it to settle as the demand stabilizes. Once again, economic indicators don't seem to be telling us that we are heading for a crash in the real estate world. 
I have four incredible houses coming on the market this week - below are links to check each of them out. Releasing listings is one of my favorite things; all of our hard work in preparing the home for listing is showcased, and now the market speaks!! I am hopeful and happy for each of my sellers.
Have a great week!