For the first time in two years, July is really starting to feel like summers past to me. As you drive around the area, traffic is much lighter as residents run to the beach and mountains for a much-needed change of scenery.
However, last weekend it was evident that real estate is still the primary topic on many minds. We were slammed with showings at our listings! Susan, Elise, and I felt as though we were air traffic controllers carefully orchestrating the comings and goings at showings to make sure each buyer had a seamless experience viewing our beautiful houses for sale. We noted a big part of the buyer pool were people relocating to Massachusetts from other states, especially California. These folks are all staying in temporary housing and eager to get settled in their new state. Summer is traditionally a time where a majority of our buyer pool are executives trying to get settled for work and school in the fall. 
As always reporters are busy covering the frantic real estate market. In one article, Massachusetts was ranked one of the top 5 markets in terms of price appreciation this year over last. According to reports Phoenix AZ, Seattle WA, Charlotte NC, Denver CO, Cleveland OH and Dallas TX were among the hottest areas.
Here is the important thing to remember: no matter where you are, you can still get a house if you want to. It doesn't mean you can't land what you want because of the high prices and a competitive offer pool. I talk to brokers throughout the country each week, and the ones who say, "it's impossible to get a house right now, maybe you should wait to buy" are not people I want to work with. So far this year, I have put 34 homes under agreement. Each and every buyer and seller is thrilled, and if you are trading up or down in the same market then you are doing just fine. With a good broker who has a strategy and determination, it can be done. We are pleased to have been successful in buying and selling so many houses!
You can view one of my newest listings, 30 Whiting Road Wellesley, here.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! July 4th is always one of our favorite family times. Be well.