Last Monday after the blog was released, my day was spent navigating two bidding wars for different clients. One was for my listing, a fabulous condo in Wellesley and the second for a buyer in Weston who had set their sights on a lovely Cape-style home. There were a handful of bidders in each scenario, but the game was the same whether there were two people bidding or ten. For each client it came down to dropping ALL contingencies and upping your price significantly. The adrenaline and stress that came with this game is a feeling I have come to know well in the last few years. This frenzy however happened in the mid-August heat during a time when it seems like both towns have decreased their population to 20 people while everyone else is away wrapping up vacations. Not our strongest selling season ever, but I believe the undercurrent of pent up demand for houses is still there brewing for fall. This was a sign to me of what is to come - a continued strong buyer pool. 

Whispers between agents about new listings coming on the market for the fall are starting to get louder and with each new property we hear about, texts are pushed out to buyers who get in their cars for drive by's with the hope in a few weeks they can finally land a home. This is truly being played out although the buzz among my colleagues is that they are not expecting many new listings to pop in the coming weeks, keeping inventory low like we are seeing below.

Juxtapose this with the headlines arriving in my inbox daily. (Many from my Mom and Dad who have a vested interest in my career not crashing.) 

These are a few examples of articles I am reading, "Housing market in much worse shape than Fed wants to Admit," (Yahoo Finance) or "Here is What a Housing Recession means for Homebuyer and Sellers" (CNBC). I have the luxury of perspective as a former journalist to read through the headlines, and while I don't dispute the fact that sales volume has slowed a lot since last year, the reasons are not all doom and gloom. Rising interest rates make a difference, but as I have said before, people are also spending their money on other things compared to last year when they were stuck at home, turning on their homes, and then going to buy a new one. This year we are all going out to dinners, heading to the beach, traveling by plane and exploring new lands. Life has thankfully become more well-balanced. Inventory is still historically low- this does not make a housing recession. It feels more like this summer was 2019- not a bad time if you remember. I promise the minute things seem dire I will be here to report it!

 I have put together video segments to educate everyone on the buying and selling process. The first one was released this week and I talk to first time homebuyers. Check it out.


Things are getting real as fall approaches- I don't know about you but I am excited for my crew to get back on a schedule. The change in weather doesn't excite me as much, as I am a summer girl for sure! Enjoy the end of the season.