Life experiences make me a better real estate agent In Wellesley Massachusetts and Weston Massachusetts!
Yesterday we adopted a golden doodle puppy who in one day has become the love of all our lives! To see my daughters' faces light up each time they see him or are holding him is reminiscent to me of each time I brought one of them home from the hospital. They really see this little guy named Baxter as a brother!!
Now I know how important space for a dog is for clients when looking for a home. I  understand how space to bathe a dog is imperative, how backyards for puppies to play makes everyone happy and how wonderful Wellesley and Weston are with our abundance of dog trails around town including Morses Pond and the Weston Reservoir.
My family is so excited to call ourselves dog owners!! Our family is  richer already with this cute bundle of joy! 



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