My New Years Wishes for You!
I hope in 2022, the reason you buy a home isn’t to escape sickness, but to relax when you are healthy.
In 2022 I want your home to be a place where you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations with as many people as you want!
In 2022, I hope your home is where you can invite in the people you love, that you are able to open your space to new friends and old friends. Lots of them!
I hope 2022 allows you to smile and laugh in your home, and that home is not the setting for quarantines, home tests, and recuperating from vaccine boosters. 
In 2022, I hope your motivation to buy or move isn’t driven by finding a suitable place to facilitate school or work at home, or avoid sickness. Instead, I hope it's to find a place to expand your family or downsize, a place to go crazy decorating, cook big dinners, and make lots of warm memories.
And finally, my 2022 wish is to be there helping you land or sell that fabulous house; because as we've learned the past couple of years, there truly is “no place like home.”
Cheers to you and see you in 2022!