Special Needs Education in Wellesley Massachusetts part #1


It’s been a while since I posted on the special needs programs in our town. There is so much going to write about  and I’ll spread it out among posts.


Let’s talk about the public preschool in Wellesley to begin with. This charming school is called PAWS- Preschool at Wellesley Schools.



This is an integrated preschool where about half of the Wellesley preschoolers get services and half are typically developed. It’s a wonderful, warm and inclusive place in its own building set on the edge of the Fiske Elementary School property. The demand is so high for the school, some classes are now housed at one of the seven elementary schools in town. PAWS serves children from Wellesley Massachusetts with all forms of a disability. In fact, it was a safe place for us where our daughter wasn’t judged. It was the first time in our journey where we met other parents going down the same path with a special needs child. To this day those families are our friends. Allie received the services she needed and was integrated part of the day and in a non- integrated class the rest of the day for intense therapies. It was a great fit. The teacher to student ratio was excellent.


I also sent my two typically developed daughters to PAWS and saw the school through that angle as well. Once again, we were thrilled with the education they received at this Wellesley school. They were well trained for kindergarten. The teachers at PAWS have their masters in teaching or special education and are really preparing the kids with a similar curriculum to elementary school. 


It can be scary moving on from PAWS to elementary school and I’ll write about those programs in my next blog but I will say, the transition was a smooth one.


Teri Adler is a mom of a special needs daughter and top realtor in the Weston and Wellesley, Massachusetts area. Contact Teri for more information or if you are moving to this area. Tadler@pinnaclehouses.com 617-306-3642