Are you looking for some cleaning products that will do a great job, but that won’t break the bank or hurt the environment? Read on for DIY spring cleaning agents that are good for the environment and budget friendly.

Pillowcases aren’t just a place to lay your head, it turns out that they also pose a way to collect dust while you are cleaning. Just toss the pillowcase over your fan blades and gently pull it off so that the dust and dirt will remain inside the pillowcase and not all over the floor below it.

Stove Burner Cleaning
Looking to clean stubborn foods and stains off of your stove burners without putting in the extra elbow grease? There’s an easy solution for this. Just place the burners inside a Ziploc bag along with a ¼ cup of ammonia. Then leave them there overnight and in the morning, gently wipe them clean with a sponge.

Mattress Cleaning
Mix a few drops of essential mattress oil with one cup of baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture onto the top of your mattress and let it sit for one hour before vacuuming it up. The baking soda will absorb any dirt, moisture and odors while the essential oil will leave the mattress smelling fresh when you retire to bed.

Vinegar Cleaning Solution
If you’re looking to get things really clean, everyone knows that vinegar is the go-to solution. However, it is just as easy to make this solution at home. Make your own citrus vinegar cleaner. Place citrus peels in a jar and cover with vinegar. Let the solution sit for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, strain and dilute it 1:1 with water. Use this cleaner on any surface and it will renew it quickly and easily.

Removing Hard Water Stains
Remember the power of lemons when trying to remove stubborn hard water stains. Just cut up some lemon and rub it on the stains. They should come right up with the power of the lemon juices.

Cleaning Stainless Steel
If you want to make your stainless steel shine, mix a solution of borax and lemon juice. Once mixed, they will produce a paste that you can rub on the surface. Let the paste stay there for a bit, then and rinse with water. Dry the surface and you are well on your way to a sparkly clean kitchen.