Spelling Bee Results 

Once again, the Spelling Bee, organized by the Wellesley Education Foundation, was a fundraising success and equally important, a fun night. More than 50 teams competing for bragging rights (accompanied by their cheering squads) added up to a full house.


I was thrilled to be a part of such a great event and while Pinnacle representatives did not take home the trophy, we nearly made it to the final round before we were stumped by the word “repertoire”. Could you spell it? Or define it? Webster explains it in the following way: the complete list or supply of skills, devices, or ingredients used in a particular field, occupation, or practice.   If I were to use it in a sentence, this is what I would say.  “The Teri Adler group is adept at using all the skills in their repertoire to provide outstanding service to their clients.”

There you have it.




Pictured from left to right, Me, Jane Neilson and Susan Bevilacqua. Photo credit: Elaine Bannigan.