I have not written a post about Wellesley special needs programs for a while so I figured it was time for an update. I have many, many clients who move to Wellesley for their special needs children and for good reason. Is it a perfect system? Not at all, but as my daughter gets older I realize there is no such thing as perfection. As long as we all realize that the school system is not going to"fix" any child, but support them then it helps the journey flow much easier. I do believe the educators really do care and try very hard for my child.

This is my understanding and a very simplistic way of helping you navigage what the schools offer. The school system does not define these programs to the public so this is my take.

There are seven elementary schools in Wellesley. There are children who are on IEP's and receive services in each school. Many people chose to stay in their elementary school district and it has worked great. For others there are specialized programs. My daughter Allie who is 10 is in the ISS program at Sprague School. I would best describe it as the program for children who are not on the Autism spectrum, but have delays in more than one area. Allie has a developmental disability that will be lifelong. These kids are not behavioral problems either. Each child is in the typical classroom for as much or as little as their IEP specifies. They also have a team with a special educator, speech, OT etc.

At the Upham School they have a PLC program. This is for children on the Autism spectrum. It is run similarly to Sprague, but with more of an emphasis on ABA therapy. The social worker at the school seems to play a bigger role with parents at this school. My friends with special needs children in Wellesley who are in the program really seem to like it.

Hunnewell School has a recently developed program and it is for children with emotional problems. At least that is how it is described by administrators. I have a friend whose son is at Hunnewell and she raves about it. It was designed by the Walker School in Neehdam. There is a small group of children in the program and they receive a lot of individual attention according to parents.

Schofield School has a program that is for children with language based learning disabilities. Thers children are typically developing, but have some learning issues such as dyslexia.

I have friends/clients in each of the elementary schoosl in Wellesley so feel free to give me a call if I can help in any way as you start your move to Wellesley.